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La Serena, land of plains and water

Landscapes of La Serena

The richness of this natural area lies in its historical legacy and its delicious gastronomy. Livestock farming is the main activity in this charming land which shows their best to become a magic memory. The name of this zone comes from the Arab term Serna, translated as plain (open country). The actual translation from Spanish […]

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The Roman Bridge of Alcantara

Roman Bridge of Alcantara

This is a magnificent piece of engineering, builded in the times of Trajan, II century, by the architec Caius Julius Lacer. This important monument has a heigh of 57 metres, is 214 metres long and 8 metres wide. The bridge is supported on six graceful arches over five big pillars. In the central part is […]

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World Heritage Cities in Extremadura

Temple of Diana in Merida

A journey that shows us the cities of Cáceres, Guadalupe and Mérida. They had been declared World Heritage by UNESCO. Among all the beautiful places and the artistic richness in Extremadura, the so called “World Heritage Triangle” made of Cáceres, Guadalupe and Mérida stands out. These three cities have been recognized by the UNESCO with […]

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