Badajoz city and surrounding areas

Guadiana and Gevora rivers flow through this fertile land, also known as Baldios. This zone combines farming countries with wide dehesas full of holm oaks.

Badajoz city and surrounding areas

Alburquerque was an important frontier town in the Middle Age. It has a impresive XII century castle called Castillo de Luna.

The castle called Castillo de Azagala is near this town, it is located in the top of the Santiago mountain range.

Going to the south, near Merida, is the Lacara natural environment, an authentic paradise for the nature. In this zone is located the Dolmen of Lacara, a great prehistoric tomb made of big (very big) stones.

In Badajoz city, just in the border of Spain and Portugal, you can visit many monuments and beautiful places: the Alcazaba (an impressive Arab defensive building), the restored old square called Plaza Alta (the oldest zone of this city), the Cathedral..

City of Badajoz Badajoz city

The Carnival of Badajoz (in february) is a celebration of fun, colors and sounds, everywhere in the streets of Badajoz.

Also, the Chistian Easter celebrations in Badajoz are very impressive.

Alburquerque celebrates the Medieval Festival in summer.