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What to see in Cáceres - Quick tourism guide

The monumental ensemble of the city of Cáceres is simply impressive. In the Old Town (the historic center), you can see numerous palaces, towers, churches, and museums.

What to See in Mérida - Quick Tourism Guide

Mérida preserves one of the most complete archaeological ensembles on the Iberian Peninsula. In addition to the impressive Roman legacy (Augusta Emerita was an important city during the Roman Empire), you can observe the city's historical evolution throughout the Visigothic, Arab, and Christian periods.

World Heritage Cities in Extremadura

A journey that shows us the cities of Cáceres, Guadalupe and Mérida. They had been declared World Heritage by UNESCO.

A beautiful place to enjoy and relax: La Vera

Popular architecture is mixed with Nature, water in many rivers across mountains and countries, and singular and beautiful places. The region of La Vera attracts everyone who goes there.

Badajoz city and surrounding areas

Guadiana and Gevora rivers flow through this fertile land, also known as Baldios. This zone combines farming countries with wide dehesas full of holm oaks.

Have a great summer in Extremadura, Spain

Temperatures rise, the sun shines in its peak and the plain turns into golden. It is time to travel, know and enjoy Extremadura and its amazing natural surroundings. A perfect time to be delighted with the fresh water of gorges, rivers, natural swimming pools, dams,lakes... Silent and calmness afternoons lead to noisy nights where there are lot of things to see and do.

Navalmoral de la Mata and surrounding area

The land arround Navalmoral de la Mata is known as Campo Arañuelo, a place with beautiful landscapes of meadows, plains and pine forests, near the Monfrague National Park reserve.

Sierra de Gata: mountains, valleys, landscapes

Sierra de Gata is one of those fabulous places full of incomparable corners that enriches those who go there. It is located in the border with Portugal, this situation increases its cultural legacy, a memorable magical touch to all the towns and villages of Sierra de Gata.

Sierra Suroeste region

It's formed mainly by wide dehesas (vast expanse of wood pastures) with holm oaks and cork oaks erverywhere.

Tierra de Barros and Hornachos

Tierra de Barros is a zone of wines and wineyards. The name can be translated as Land of mud', so called because the fertiles fields of this area.

Trujillo and Miajadas area

Both are zones with a rich variety of natural areas, a paradise for birdwatching and all kind of outdoor activities

Zafra and Bodion river region

This zone is located between Tierra de Barros and the mountain range of Sierra Morena, in the Via de la Plata, the ancient route from south to north of the Roman province of Hispania.