Siberia in Spain

This region of west Spain is known as La Siberia (yes, like the region located in north Asia). A beautiful, natural place sourrounded by lakes and dams.

Water is the most representative element in this zone: the reservoir of La Serena in the south is the greatest reservoir in Western Europe. And the dams of Orellana, García Sola and Cíjara makes this region to has many kilometers of coast.

It’s like a little sea of fresh water.

Siberia region of Extremadura

The dam of Orellana and its natural environment is a paradise for all kind of plants and animals. It is a ZEC (zone of special conservation) and a ZEPA (zone of special protection for birds)

Water, water, water everywhere in this region Water, water, water everywhere in this region

You can visit the impresive and beautiful Castle at Puebla de Alcocer. The landscapes from the top of the main tower are incredibles.