Tentudia region at south west of Extremadura

This land combines open country with high mountain ranges. The mountain range of Tentudia is the higher in south Extremadura.

Tentudia region

The natural places in this zone are beautiful and there are many points of interes: The Caves at Fuentes de Leon, the natural park La Pisa del Caballo, or the old and big cork oak called Alcornoque de los Galaperales.

Near Fuente de Cantos is the ZEPA (zone of special protection for birds) where the Lesser Kestrel (falco naumanni) is very common.

Following the road from Fuente de Cantos to Calera de Leon you can visit the pre-Roman site called Los Castillejos.

Other monuments you can visit:

  • Conventual Santiaguista
  • Monastery of Tentudia
  • Numerous medieval castles, churches and defensive buildings.

The last sunday of April, Fuente de Cantos celebrates a country party called Chanfaina.

And in the middle of May the visitor can enjoy the country party of Saint Isidro, also in Fuente de Cantos. Food and delicious wine to celebrate the spring season.

Monastery of Tentudia Monastery of Tentudia

In summer, you can participate in the Capeas of Segura de Leon, where people run in front of bulls (like in Pamplona). None of the animals are hurt in the capeas, it is clearly forbidden. Once the capeas have finished the cattle returns to the country side